Welcome to the Brockwell Swimmers club.

Please check your email for a confirmation message.

• The objects of the Club are to promote participation of the whole community in the sport of swimming and to facilitate and encourage the teaching, development and practice of swimming and open water swimming for its members and to promote the continued community use of Brockwell Lido, London SE24 0PA.

• In pursuing these objects the Club shall treat everyone equally regardless of age, sex racial or ethnic origin, disability, religious or philosophical belief or sexual orientation.

• Membership is limited to swimmers who regularly use the Brockwell Lido pool.

• Each Member is expected to contribute where possible to the running of the Club including involvement in the management or running of any events or enterprises undertaken by the Club.

Please check the web site for details of upcoming events and information on how you can get involved. We also hold regular monthly Swim/Socials where you can find out more and meet other swimmers.

Also read our Constitution for details on your rights as a club member.

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