PHISHing at Parliament Hill Lido

Team Brockwell again joined the throng of UK cold water swimmers at Parliament Hill Lido for the annual Icy Swim Hootenanny, PHISH 2018.

Not exactly the best of weathers, it rained all day, but we were going to get wet anyway. We also had the addition of a hot tub to look forward to plus their resident sauna where all the best and hottest gossip is to be heard.

Tim Sutton took the first 61 metre length, followed by Jerry Clark, then Leah Halabi and lastly Susan Douglas who took the team home in last place… well at least we are consistent! Over-all results placed us 21st out of 24 teams, understandable as we were up against some very fast swimmers.

Like last year, there were rumours this might be the last PHISH, but we really hope not. This is really a fantastic event and the numbers of swimmers who came out in such dreadful weather is testament to how much people look forward to this. A big thanks to all the organisers for making PHISH 2018 such an enjoyable celebration for cold water swimmers.

Brockwell Lido Swimmers take on the mighty PHISH 2018

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