Pool Open Today

Last admittance 15 minutes before closing time. The full pool should be in use, except in the case of a thunder storm when swimmers will be asked to leave the water. Some lanes may also be closed due to swimming events.

Dates Day Times
1st Sept Fri 6:30am - 8pm
2nd & 3rd Sept Sat & Sun 8am - 6pm
4th - 8th Sept Mon - Fri 6:30am - 7:15pm
9th & 10th Sept Sat & Sun 8am - 6pm
11th - 15th Sept Mon - Fri 6:45am - 1pm 4pm - 7pm
16th & 17th Sept Sat & Sun 8am - 6pm
18th - 22nd Sept Mon - Fri 7am - 1pm 4pm - 6:45pm
*23rd Sept Wedding Sat 8am - 5:15pm
24th Sept Sun 8am - 6pm
25th - 29th Sept Mon - Fri 7:15am - 1pm 4pm - 6:30pm
30th Sept & 1st Oct Sat & Sun 8am - 6pm

Windrush 2 lane closure Mon 7-8pm, Thur 7-8pm and Sat 9:45-10:45am.
Streamline Swim may also have use of 1 lane throughout the week.

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